January 25, 2015

Chanel and pearls

It's funny.  Five years ago, or even two, I never considered myself one of those girls who would ever be interested in owning a Chanel anything or pearls for that matter.  I equated them as being too old lady or grandmotherly and too expensive.  I'd be baffled when I'd see someone in my then twenties wearing either one.  I even thought the term investment piece was a joke until I started casually reading about it in numerous blogs.  With Chanel handbag prices rising each year (the sales lady mentioned a possible increase in May by the way), coupled with the never ending demand for the handbags, it really is an investment piece.  

The special handbag comes in a special package

Blame it on Instagram, blame it on fashion bloggers or whatever celebrity influence is out there, but what I think is great is how you can mix these elegant pieces with a day at the beach wearing nothing but cut-off shorts, thong sandals, and a regular striped tee.  That structured Chanel purse or those iridescent pearls you inherited or purchased with your hard earned money are no longer confined to Sunday mass, formal dinner parties, or black tie events.    And if anyone does say it's too old lady, you can say that old lady's got style.

The woman's got spunk

Luminous Mikimoto pearls

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