January 13, 2015

To have and to hold

A cousin-in-law of mine is getting married in paradise- in Hawaii to be exact and I couldn't be more excited and happy for her.  Destination weddings are gaining ground and I personally have never attended one but I would think they would be more fun to dress up for.  A wedding in paradise would call for a floral, light-as-air chiffon dress bordering on bohemian or maybe a little more spunk with a cropped print top and matching skirt.

My husband and I like to play the "what would you do if you have to do it all over again?" game. For me it would be a dream to get married in the Amalfi Coast or Tuscany surrounded with a small group of our closest family and friends, but in the end we probably would've gotten married in Burlingame, California all the same.  But who knows, maybe for our 10 year anniversary when we're reciting our vows all over again, it just might be in Italy.  

Photo of my wedding at Crystal Springs in Burlingame

This is years from now but a 10 year anniversary party in Tuscany would be fantastic

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