June 23, 2013

My gray and lavender palette wedding

In terms of decor, I'd have to say my favorite elements were the gray satin linens we used and the white satin sashes used on the Chiavari chairs.  I took a chance on the gray satin linens; I knew it would be an odd choice of color for a Spring wedding, but I was having Picasso's version of his Blue Period.  Mine was just gray.  

My fiance at the time wasn't crazy about the sashes on the Chiavari chairs and figured people would just cover them with her coats and jackets, but I thought they added a nice elegant touch to our very rustic venue.  If anything they made the banquet room pop.

 Wedding favors- Chantal Guilon's macarons, from what our guests have told us, they're as good as the 
historic macaron shops in Paris.  

Menus my fiance and I created 

We named our tables after our favorite San Francisco hang-outs and international cities, and included a small blurb describing its significance to us as a couple.  

June 22, 2013

J. Crew Tartine satchel

It's a J. Crew kind of weekend.  I went on their website to look for suits to wear to the upcoming MBA Tour I wanted to attend later this month.  My wardrobe has ventured deep into the casual side due to the nature of my work and I wanted to look as professional as possible.  

Of course in the process I stumbled upon other goodies.  How I missed their Tartine satchel (also the namesake of one of my favorite bakeries), I don't know but it was on sale and with their additional 20% online and in-store discount, it came up to about $200.00.  And it's a great alternative to the Celine mini luggage totes that are far beyond my reach.   Other scores were a school boy blazer and stovepipe wool trousers (at 5'4" with a petite frame, wide-leg pants don't work for me) all in navy.  

J. Crew stretch wool twill blazer, on sale for $118.80

June 18, 2013

Summer dressing

I just couldn't resist...I purchased this blouse from Lulu's and I was a little nervous about the quality of it, but I absolutely love it.  What's great is that it's not so sheer that you have to wear a camisole underneath it.  It's a great blouse for work or for going out to dinner or a lounge on a weekend with friends.  The gold buttons on the sleeve also adds a nice touch.

My husband complimented me on the blouse - "Nice zig zag shirt."  I politely told him the design is called chevron and that no, it has nothing to do with the gas station.


Lulu chevron blouse + Calvin Klein Vivian shoes 

June 16, 2013

Calvin Klein Vivian heels and Dolley 03 Mint D'Orsay flats

Loving Calvin Klein's Vivan shoes.  They're absolutely comfortable.  I wore them around the Mission last night and did a bit of walking from the Nihon Whiskey Lounge (enjoyed all their food and the Hamachi Shitake was my absolute favorite) to the Armory Club.  I switched to the Dolley 03 D'Orsay flats mid-way through the night on our way to the Occidental Cigar Bar just to preserve the cleanliness of my shoes.  As much as I loved the CK Vivians, I didn't want the street grit to ruin the suede.  I bought them for special occasions, but couldn't resist doing a test drive around the city...

Vivan shoes- Piperlime
Mint D'Orsay flats- a steal at $21.00 from Lulu*s; I think they're a great alternative to the Jenni Kayne D'Orsay flats.

June 9, 2013

Reiss Shoes

I've been obsessing over Bliss 15's triple ankle strap heels for quite some time after discovering them on Lulu's (sold out), and searched for alternatives which I did find, but were way out of my price range.  Of course just this past week, the Bliss 15 shoes were re-stocked but I missed out once again.  These $32 shoes just can't be beat.

There were some alternatives I found below.  I caved and ended up purchasing the Reiss Belle shoes which I was happy to find were on sale, and fell in love with this U.K. retailer in the process.  Why have I not ever checked out their amazing clothes?  I guess part of it is that it's on the pricier side but their sales are pretty reasonable but the quality must be outstanding considering Kate Middleton and Olivia Palermo are fans.  

Bliss 15 shoes

Reiss - Belle - On sale for $208, originally $425.

Miss Olivia Palermo rocking the Reiss Belle heels