June 22, 2013

J. Crew Tartine satchel

It's a J. Crew kind of weekend.  I went on their website to look for suits to wear to the upcoming MBA Tour I wanted to attend later this month.  My wardrobe has ventured deep into the casual side due to the nature of my work and I wanted to look as professional as possible.  

Of course in the process I stumbled upon other goodies.  How I missed their Tartine satchel (also the namesake of one of my favorite bakeries), I don't know but it was on sale and with their additional 20% online and in-store discount, it came up to about $200.00.  And it's a great alternative to the Celine mini luggage totes that are far beyond my reach.   Other scores were a school boy blazer and stovepipe wool trousers (at 5'4" with a petite frame, wide-leg pants don't work for me) all in navy.  

J. Crew stretch wool twill blazer, on sale for $118.80

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