July 22, 2012

SF Shopping

I feel so bad being MIA, been busy looking for new jobs and getting into the swing of perfecting my cover letters, resumes, and interviewing skills.

With only one button-up shirt hanging in my closet that's decent enough to wear at interviews (I got it at H&M for under $20), I think it's time to upgrade a bit, I was fortunate to find really great sales with these high end retailers:

Brooks Brothers has sales on their non-iron button-up shirts, some of which were 50% off.  Originally $98, I snagged a pale powder blue for about $50.  I went to Thomas Pink as well, but their prices were a bit too steep and most of the shirts I saw required cuff links.  If I had the money I wouldn't mind getting a bespoke shirt on Savile Row one day.

Other great sales I scoured on the internet:

Wanted's Ahoy stripped flats from Piperlime  for $19.99.  I have to admit the shoes were rubbing on my right heel and I had to wear a band-aid for a couple days, but after they were broken in, they were just fine.

The best internet find of all was on J. Crew- I only shop at their factory stores, but I was pleasantly surprised to find really great deals on their sweaters, which is perfect for SF weather.  Originally $88, it was around $17.00 when I purchased it around Memorial Day weekend.  The price was slightly marked up to about $24 which still isn't bad.   It just reminded me of that whole French girl, striped sweater look which I'm so in love with.  I already have 3 at last count.

I also fell for the canary yellow- just perfect to bright up SF's infamous June Gloom weather.