April 30, 2011


Barcelona, Spain

Yes, I'm back after a four-month hiatus where an insane mix of things were going on in my life...details I won't bore you with.  In the midst of all the madness, it's best to stop, take a breather, relax and try to remind myself I'm not in a race against time here.

Whenever things get a little frazzled and I feel I'm getting into the do nothing but b*tch and complain mode, that's when I try to remind myself of the things I'm grateful for in my life and usually it starts with rifling through old photos with family and friends, and of course, travel photos...I'm lucky to say that I've visited some of the most beautiful places in the world and even more so to be living in one.  I was looking through my travel photos from 2010 and one of the highlights of that year was my September trip to Spain.  It was unreal.  We kicked off the leg of our trip in Barcelona and visited Gaudi's architectural works, ate at countless tapas bars, and explored this sister city of SF.  One of the most colorful places in Barcelona was their food market - La Boqueria.  There are fruit, cheese, and food vendors of all kinds housed under a gigantic tent outdoors.  But a word of warning- do not touch the fruit.  At the food markets as well as the grocery store they have an attendant on stand-by.  Just say or in our case, point at what fruit you want and they'll pick and bag it for you.  My bf made the mistake of touching the fruit at La Boqueria and got yelled at.  If only Rick Steves mentioned that in his book...

La Boqueria