June 23, 2013

My gray and lavender palette wedding

In terms of decor, I'd have to say my favorite elements were the gray satin linens we used and the white satin sashes used on the Chiavari chairs.  I took a chance on the gray satin linens; I knew it would be an odd choice of color for a Spring wedding, but I was having Picasso's version of his Blue Period.  Mine was just gray.  

My fiance at the time wasn't crazy about the sashes on the Chiavari chairs and figured people would just cover them with her coats and jackets, but I thought they added a nice elegant touch to our very rustic venue.  If anything they made the banquet room pop.

 Wedding favors- Chantal Guilon's macarons, from what our guests have told us, they're as good as the 
historic macaron shops in Paris.  

Menus my fiance and I created 

We named our tables after our favorite San Francisco hang-outs and international cities, and included a small blurb describing its significance to us as a couple.  

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