January 16, 2015

Adventures at Neiman Marcus

Fabulous gold and marble clay charger plates

Despite the craziness of protesters on the Ferguson case all morning long and thankfully not having any delays on my Muni morning commute, I braved going to Union Square after work and took a trip to Neiman Marcus to get the special handbag.  That will be on a separate post, but as I ventured up the the escalators looking for Burberry, I happened to find myself at the home floor and let me tell you, that was an adventure in itself.  I fell in love with everything on that floor - from the gold and pastel plates that I've been obsessing about for a while, to a baby high chair with the seat designed like a pod, and the fabulous Haute House furniture showroom and stunning chandelier.  And all this time it was under my nose.  It's by far one of the most fabulous spaces my eyes have feasted upon in San Francisco.

 A special bed for your four-legged best friend

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