January 10, 2015

Nostalgic for Burberry

I have a soft spot for Burberry - it was the first piece of designer anything that I ever owned and it was even more special since my father went to the San Francisco boutique with me to buy the small Nova Check tote that was all the rage among college girls back in 2002.  Even though I haven't used it in years, the tote is carefully tucked away in the back of my closet and will never, ever see the day of light in a designated Good Will shopping bag for donation.

I still remember the day I got that purse.  Leading up to that day, I had already been to the San Jose Santana Row boutique twice with my boyfriend now husband and it was probably all I ever talked about all November.  I was home from college during Christmas break and we took a trip from our home in the Central Valley to San Francisco with visiting Canadian relatives for a day of shopping in the City.  When we finally arrived at the boutique , I was giddy like a child when we went up to the counter, surrounded by classic gabardine and plaids all in its British-designed glory.

When we arrived home I inspected everything including the package and my father would chuckle in amusement when he would glance away from the television and still find me in blissful wonderment of my beloved new companion.  I carefully examined the beige, sturdy box my purse came in, the tags, and of course the purse itself.  I'm pretty sure I went to bed with the purse by my side.  I was that obsessed with it!

Lately I've had my eye on a Burberry trench and whenever I visit the boutique or even think of this iconic brand, it brings me back to that special day with my father.  And it wasn't so much that I finally got to own a piece of a designer item, but the fact that it was gifted to me by someone I really, really love to the moon and back.

The small Nova Check tote - the tote that started it all

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