January 15, 2015

Glamorous preppy girls

Growing up in the mid-west and the east coast - Chicago and Virginia Beach to be exact, my first taste of preppy were Sperry shoes from the late 80's, all-the-colors-of-the-rainbow Lacoste and Izod shirts, and of course the Catholic school uniforms I had to endure in grade school.  Then I eventually experimented with the grunge look of the 90's by wearing lots of plaid shirts, Doc Martins, and much to my devout Catholic Filipino mother's dismay - black nail polish, which all the cool girls in tiny Jamestown, North Dakota were wearing.  Don't even get me started on the Guns N' Roses cassette tapes I bought which had the parental warning labels on the cover.  Over time, I gradually changed my style as my family moved across the country until finally when we settled in California, I went back to my roots of loving preppy styles.  

The prepster initative of private schooling
(and yes, my dad pinned a name tag on me in case I got lost on my first day lol)

What's that saying?  You can take the girl out of her preppy surroundings, but you can't take the preppy out of the girl or something to that effect.    Below are some of the women who exemplify and define prep in their own glamorous way, including my beautiful mother below.  


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