January 12, 2015

Lovely Lace

When I was a child, I hated lace.  I mean really hated it and the itchiness of it against my skin.  It also reminded me of the vintage mantilla tablecloths my mother would collect which I didn't appreciate at the time but now find so exquisite.

Thankfully they're now made a lot softer and gentler against the skin, with or without a lining.  Because lace is so elegant, I'll balance a lace top with a pair of jeans which is perfect for casual Fridays and can easily be worn straight from work to happy hour.  But I love this mystery woman's pairing with a gray blazer and black skinnies below.  

A top I scored from Banana Republic for a mere $15.  
 I believe it's sold out online but I found another top that's just as lovely here

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