January 24, 2015

Chanel at the beach

Blown away by the king tides - the sound of waves crashing was earth-shattering 

I spent all morning long figuring how to "true" a front and back clothing pattern and was ready to take a break and tag along with my Mister to Pacifica to pick up yet another one of his special gadget toys.  Our drive to Pacifica on Highway 1 was gorgeous and seeing the ocean on a clear, abnormally warm day with massive waves crashing against the pier enticed us to join the crowd and take photos.  Particularly since the king tides were the news lately, I knew there would be lots of photo ops.   Luckily we take our trusty Nikon with us everywhere we go and these were the amazing shots we took.

And yes, I did take Coco to the beach.  I'm probably the only Chanel crazed woman to risk getting sea spray and sand all over her goods, but it was an unexpected detour and boy was it worth it.

 Chanel classic flap
BDG mid-rise shortie from Jeremy's - a steal at $24
Pearl earrings from Majorca - found these buried in my jewelry box
New wayfarer classic Ray-Ban sunglasses - smaller version of the original
Striped nautical top - H&M.  My alternative to the Saint James classic shirt

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