October 23, 2015

Blue and white china table settings and decor

It's never too early to prepare for all those upcoming holiday dinner parties; before you know it those special events sneak up on you and you're left scrambling to finish your to-do list.

Blue and white china table settings and decor seem to be found in every taste maker's home these days, or rather passed down and inherited.  The funny thing is, I never found them aesthetically appealing until my 30's.  I grew up in a house full of blue and white china depicting colonial America life or Asian influences and I remember having to be extra careful when I was assigned the duty of washing them.  One of the dishes were already chipped much to my mother's dismay and the delicateness of these dishes always irked me.

Now that I'm older I can appreciate how blue and white china can instantly add elegance and a rich palette to home decor.  If you're worried about your home looking too museum like, I would  decorate with blue and white china sparingly or create a space of youthfulness and lightness by adding flowers (such as pink peonies above or cream tulips below).

Aerin Lauder, whose homes are known to be extensively decorated with blue and white china.

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