June 16, 2014

Hair salons in San Francisco

I know how hard it is to find the right hair stylist when you move into a new city, but I didn't realize how hard until I was still searching 7 years later.  I was beginning to get a little worried when I would read Yelp reviews of people flying back to their hometown in L.A. for cuts with their old hairstylist.  And I thought my friend Claire was bad- she would make the 1 hour drive from her Russian Hill home all the way to Santana Row in San Jose for a haircut.  Talk about committed.

I'm not particularly picky about my hair and I have the easiest hair to style - medium to long length, stick straight, normal to slightly dry in texture.  But for some reason I either get 5 inches chopped off when I ask for 2, or I come out with a blow-out looking like a 1950's housewife with a bouffant 'do.    

I've been to different salons all over the city, some of which I discovered through Groupon or Living Social deals and Yelp, but here's one that got a big thumbs up in my book:

Salon Miel -  305 Grant Avenue, Union Square:
Based on the Yelp reviews I requested David Holt as my stylist and he did a phenomenal job- hair came out shinier and smoother than ever.  They also use the Sachajuan hair product line, which I've never heard of before, but made my hair smell great.

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