June 29, 2014

Great Escapes - Prague

With one trip nailed down this upcoming fall, I can't help but dream up more future travels.  Just when I say that my France trip will be the last major trip and that I'll start a family soon, some exotic locale gets permanently ingrained in my mind and all that family planning goes out the window and in comes that obsessive need to take off and travel.

Prague has been on my list for quite some time now.  I hear it's amazing in December when the Christmas market opens in the main square, and it wouldn't surprise me if Hans Christian Anderson stories were inspired by its fairy-tale setting.  Whenever I look at Prague photos it reminds me of those village town figurines my mom would display during Christmas, some with choirs singing carols on repeat.

Christmas markets usually held at the Old Town square.

Can't get any more romantic than this...

Sleeping Beauty comes to mind when I see these magnificent spires

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