January 26, 2013

San Francisco wedding planning

I am so relieved.  The beautiful gray dresses I ordered from David's Bridal are on the way a lot earlier than anticipated.  When I was told they would be available 12 days before my wedding, which is 3 months from now, I actually didn't panic- working as a component Buyer, I knew the sure way was to expedite the hell out it.  Now I can breathe a sigh of relief.

Without any hardcore research we decided to go with Chiarashine Photography, who was referred by my fiance's sister.  We checked out her website and really loved the pictures - they were natural, candid, and in the moment, which I feel is the best representation of us as a couple.  Also her pricing and wedding packages were reasonably priced.  Instead of engagement photos, we're hoping to do post-wedding photos in San Francisco (the wedding dress will get a second life!)  Even though our wedding is taking place near the Crystal Springs Reservoir in Burlingame, there's no way we could omit one of the most beautiful cities on earth from our wedding.

I also finally got my wedding band from Brilliant Earth.  Because my engagement ring was specially made by a conflict-free, philanthropic jeweler, The Clarity Project, located right here in the city, it just made sense to have my wedding band created with the same concept in mind.  The wonderful thing is Brilliant Earth donates 5% of it profits to charities and the Clarity Project has funded four years worth of teachers salaries in Sierra Leone.

 Custom made platinum diamond ring: 
by The Clarity Project.

  Pile 'em all on:
Diamond bands from Brilliant Earth

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