January 4, 2013

San Francisco Bay Area wedding on a budget

I know a lot of brides in the Bay Area get frustrated in finding ways to have a really great wedding on a budget, but I can guarantee you that it's possible, even if you're on a $10,000 budget.  My fiance discovered this really great wedding banquet center at the Crystal Springs Golf Course in Burlingame and what's great is they offer wedding packages suited for couples on a tight budget and is located just a half hour drive from San Francisco.  

There are no ridiculous hidden fees such as cake cutting and serving, or use of tables and utensils - it's all included in your package for a reasonable price.  You can also mix and match what you do and don't want in your package.  If you have a talented friend who makes beautiful invitations, you can have the invitations removed as an option in your package, or say you want to upgrade the house wine to something fancier in another package, you're more than welcome to do so.  Their lowest package available is $40.00 per person for a party of 50 - 70 people in the off-peak season.  

And the best part is, the ceremony area overlooks Crystal Springs reservoir.  When we first made a visit, we knew that it was perfect- it was so us.  

We signed our contract with Wedgewood two weeks ago, with the wedding date 4 months away.  Once I got the wedding date locked in, I headed to David's Bridal a week later to hunt for the perfect wedding dress for under $600, and was surprised to find a few beautiful wedding dresses for under $300.  

I can see why it's easy to get carried away with overspending.  You have that mentality of, well I'm going to end up spending thousands of dollars on this wedding, so what's another thousand?  But honestly, I reasoned, okay, no one is going to remember what my wedding dress looked like months from now and I'm only going to wear the dress for one day for a maximum of 5 - 6 hours, and as long as it looks beautiful in pictures, I'm not spending over $300 on a wedding dress.

Anyway, I did find the perfect dress for $250 at David's Bridal, which is a slight variation of the first picture below.  I got really lucky, it fit like a glove and there weren't many left since it was on clearance.  I wish I can post it, but I'll wait until after the wedding. 

David's Bridal- White by Vera Wang

David's Bridal - DB Studio

David's Bridal - DB Studio

David's Bridal - Galina


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