January 27, 2013

Gray wedding palettes

I'm really obsessed with gray, so much so that a lot of it is incorporated in my home decor.  Visitors from the South Bay were stumped when my fiance and I announced that we were going to do grays in the home and received comments such as, "Um, San Francisco's always foggy; and you're going to do more gray?"

Anyways, it's no surprise we'll be extending my love of this color into the wedding...

 Caparros Tracey Satin pump:
A steal at $54.95 at DSW

A lovely dress your bridesmaids can wear again and again
by David's Bridal

Invites from Invitations by Wedgewood in Looking Sharp:
Send an invite to the President and you may get a letter & family photo in return-
something cool to add to your wedding album.

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