December 27, 2015


Keith Richards and Patti Hansen's family portrait is undoubtedly my favorite

Most people would agree that the whole Black Friday and post-Christmas shopping thing has gotten out of hand.  When I saw the Chevrolet commercial with real people (not actors) witnessing the onslaught of Black Friday crowds through the automatic sliding doors of some unnamed retailer, I couldn't agree more with the woman who covered her mouth and uttered "Oh my God," in disbelief.

Rather than post the usual photos of my current objects of desire like Chanel ballet flats I'm salivating over, or a casual Burberry jacket for this el nino weather, I decided to post inspiring photos of families, which is really what the holiday season is about.

A sweet photo of Francis Ford and Sophia Coppola on set.

A multi-generational slumber party with Miranda Kerr

Princess Marie-Chantal with her daughter Olympia 

Sarah Jessica Parker and her family.
Photo from Vogue

Photo from Vogue

In the midst of the San Francisco Bay area fog
Photo from Woodnote Photography

A glamorous Vogue fashion spread of the Courtin-Clarins women

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