December 7, 2015

Children's wear by Marie-Chantal

Love love love the burgundy and mustard colors

Back in the '90s when I was in high school and my family and I lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, I remember reading the ginormous W Magazine on my floral canopy bed and coming across a small photo of the Miller sisters sitting front row at some fashion show and becoming immediately captivated by them.  There's always something alluring about a trio or more of related, beautiful, and glamorous women - they are something of a unicorn, think the Clarin-Courtin sisters/cousins or the Traina sisters.

Since giving birth to a baby girl in early November, I was excited to learn about Marie-Chantal Claire's line of children's wear and adore her company's ethereal ad campaign (this fairisle cardi seen here is too adorable).  A quick glimpse of her Instagram photos also reveals photos of her lovely family, her fabulous life, and style.

Photo from Instagram: mariechantal22

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