January 5, 2016

Bespoke for women

If you're cleaning out your closet for the new year and looking at your things wondering what you were thinking when you purchased the item - it either doesn't fit or it was so trendy that you only wore it for one season, you've probably decided your new fashion mantra is less is more or to only invest in forever pieces.  I've been interested in purchasing bespoke clothing for quite a while now, particularly a bespoke suit as my investment piece, and if I ever had the chance to visit Hong Kong or London, it would be on my list of things to do - get measured and paw through endless samples of fabrics of my choice.

Alas, I'm terrified of spending a good amount of money on a bespoke suit; what if my weight fluctuates for the last half of my child bearing decade?  A safer alternative in taking bespoke baby steps would be fabulous Capri sandals by Canfora.  I can wear them with jeans on warm October days in San Francisco or trips to Pescadero Beach.

Jackie O was a fan of Canfora sandals

Eliana sandals Canfora sandals

Canfora workshop

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