May 12, 2013

Wedding candles

We bought our wedding candles at Bed Bath and Beyond and Joanne Fabrics.  What's great is that they come in various sets of packages and sizes.  Our florist advised us to stay away from tea lights since their burning period is less than an hour.  Also due to fire hazards and restrictions, Wedgewood Crystal Springs only allowed enclosed flames and about 3-4 candles per table max.  Even after trimming the wicks, the flames still weren't enclosed so we burned the candles for about an hour to meet their requirements.

The candle holders were a little too plain for our taste so we bought a roll of lace from amazon for about $15.00, bought a small glue gun and sticks, and wrapped the lace around the candle holders to make them look a lot more elegant and's the little details that count!  We only had 12 tables and with 3-4 candles on each table the project only took a couple hours.

 To make the process quicker and easier, I first had all the lace cut to the appropriate length to wrap around each candle.  It's easier so you're not cutting than gluing, then cutting and so on.  Then I just glued an edge of the lace, wrapped it around the candle, and glued the other edge of the lace.  Word of warning, this can be a messy project so I recommend using paper bags to cover your table.

Materials needed:

Lace- we used May Arts
Glue gun
Non-toxic glue sticks.

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