May 5, 2013

Charles Jourdan Haley Shoes

Whenever the Pop Sugar sale alert goes off on my phone, I worry.  Sometimes I glance at the item and hit the cancel button and move on, other times not.  These shoes had me at hello.  I'm embarrassed to say these shoes incited a mad illness in me to have them.  Luckily it only happens once in a blue moon.  I scoured the internet hoping to find even better deals and was surprised to learn Amazon of all places had them, and with their discount code the cost was even less.  

Sadly, when they arrived the shoes weren't up to par with my expectation.  The shoes are a raffia woven style so parts of the material were fraying from the shoe.  Also with 4" heels with no platform support I had to walk slowly in these - not good for someone who has a quick gait.  But from afar they were lovely to look at; it was easy to dismiss its imperfections so much so that it took me two weeks to work up the courage to print out that darn UPS return label from my home printer, kiss the shoes goodbye, tape up the brown box and ship it off.  Two weeks!  It just wasn't meant to be...

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