June 5, 2011

i want candy

I can't help but get a little nostalgic every time I venture into my old 'hood - Inner Rich.  And it's not like I live that far away but when I make it a point to go there (gotta love Johnny at Trend 2000, my only go-to guy for hair in the city), I always make a pit stop at the Green Apple bookstore.  There's something I love about their creaky floorboards, handwritten index cards with staff recommendations, and books you just wouldn't see out in the open at any other bookstore - The Big Penis Book 3D (I was too bashful to flip through it, haha); it's a bookstore with lots of character and authenticity with the freedom to browse without that library stuffiness.

After Green Apple, I headed over to Genki Crepes- it's next to impossible to walk by and not be lured by a whiff of their crispy crepes.  Coming in here always makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.

My nutella +mixed fruit + whipped cream crepe.  It didn't make it home...

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