May 24, 2011


I wasn't expecting the kind of kinetic energy Madrid had, particularly the area of Puerta del Sol where many cafes and shops like Zara reside (love their Zara Home store).  The city reminded me of Manhattan with its constant flow of people, the craze of rush hour traffic, and random soccer fans singing at the top of their lungs at the foot of a fountain in the middle of all the beautiful chaos.

A store decorated with Gustav Klimt prints

The Ritz-Carlton is just across the street- quickly went in there to use their bathrooms; they take the security of their guests very seriously- there were bodyguards everywhere.

Don't let this picture fool you.  After the siesta the city is flooded with people

Buildings near the Royal Palace of Madrid.  Loved the balconies enclosed in floor to ceiling glass.   

A colorful mosque/cupola 

Royal Palace of Madrid- loved the details of that lamp post; wish I can take that home

Almudena Cathedral

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