September 14, 2014

Shopping in France

I arrived back from France only yesterday and I can't believe how quickly 2 weeks went by.  I really fell in love with Paris and was surprised by how incredibly comfortable I felt getting around the city, so much so that I could definitely see myself living there.  Life in the Fog becomes Life in Paris?  

I spent a little bit of time shopping and even popped into Chanel just for a looky look, but being on a budget I wasn't going to splurge on anything in there.  Surprisingly there are lots of treasures and trinkets to walk away with without going broke and here are a few that I picked up further down below just to give you some ideas...

I really wanted to carry these Goyard luggages away.  

  Laduree - multiple locations in France.  

I dragged my poor husband to this dessert cafe/restaurant so many times that he was all Laduree-ed out.  Laduree was my second destination after the Eiffel Tower believe it or not.   They're been around since 1862 and are well-known for their macarons.  Their St. Honore rose cake also deserves honorable mention, it's out of this world.   

A box of 8 macarons came up to about $24.00 USD which isn't bad.  I kept the shopping bag and the I loved the box so much it sits on a table near my front door as decor.  

You can't go wrong with anything in this patisserie.  

Stohrer's window display 

Any French pharmacy for top beauty products.  

So I was a little skeptical, but it's true!  These beauty products are significantly cheaper in France than stateside.  I bought the Klorane dry shampoo a year ago for about $25 USD and in France it came up to about $14 USD.  I did a little bit of research on what to get at the pharmacy and read that Embryolisse was a great product.  The lady at the register looked at me quizzically and said, "You know this?"  And I smiled.  I was a little unsure about this product-  it felt watery to the touch but when you pat it on, it leaves a great milky, emollient-like effect on the skin.

Naf Naf clothing boutique.  

I'm really particular about clothing and I found these great, high quality pieces at reasonable prices.
The deep purple dress was about $100 and the burgundy blouse was about $50.

Picked up some lavender oil and jars of jelly at the Nice market which is one of the largest in the French Riviera.  The oil was about $12 USD and about the same for the jelly as well. 

I bought this from the morning market in Nice as well.  It was about 10 euros or $15 USD.

The soaps or savon smells heavenly.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any decent photos at the market in Aix-en-Provence, this one is from

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