September 20, 2014

An easy, budget friendly guide to Paris

Let's face it, Paris is expensive.  It already costs a fortune just to fly here for hours and pay for a hotel in the City of Lights.  The great thing is that you don't have to go broke when sightseeing this beautiful city and you can still get a taste of the Parisan life.  

For an extra dose of romance - join other couples dancing under the lights of the Eiffel and watch the Tower glitter every hour for five minutes.  

Head for the Pont Alexandre III near the 7th Arrondisement.  It's even more beautiful at night with the  amber glow of the ornate bridge lamps. 

Take the funicular up to Sacre-Coeur Basilica and then enjoy city views from the park on the hills of Montmartre.  

Climb the tiny, spiraling steps up Notre Dame tower to see a different perspective of Paris.   The fee is 8.5 euros or about $12.00 USD.

Take a break and enjoy a pastry at Laduree or try on of their many macarons.  I actually preferred the Concorde location on 16-18 Rue Royale.  Yes, it's small and quieter but it was nice to sit among the locals during breakfast.  Imagine starting your work day here, I'm green with envy.

Contemplate the good life, read a good book, or in my case, work on that tan at the Tuileries Garden.  

Meals can get expensive.  Why not visit the local market and pick up fresh produce?  We fell in love with the figs in France.  Tip:  Try them drizzled with red wine and baked!

Better yet, grab all the food and wine you picked up at the local market (hopefully you picked up an easy to open screw top) and have a picnic near the Tower.  

 Take a romantic boat ride down the Seine River and see more amazing sights of the city and wave hello to Parisians sitting on the banks of the Seine.  

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