December 30, 2010

A new year, a better you

This is the first self-help book I've ever come across on my parent's bookshelf when I was in high school.  Psycho-cybernetics (sounds scary but it's not, I promise) was a Christmas gift for my parents on the year I was born and I meant to read it but never got around to it until my mid-twenties.  I'm just about halfway through and I wish I had read it sooner; I can honestly say that this book has helped me question how to react to certain things whether it's stress and how to get the most out of life.  It covers everything from aggressiveness, shyness (totally me), forgiveness, power of imaginations, your success mechanism which is in-grained in every human being, and etc.

What I love about this book is that it's not about using sheer will power (which by the way is ineffective, you must have a very specific, in-depth reason why you want to change), but rather to understand your actions rather than just dismissing them or "accepting" them.  I can't recommend this book enough.  Another self-help book that was highly recommended is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.  Maybe when I'm done with Psycho-cybernetics I'll give this book a try.    

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