December 20, 2010

Holiday decorating

My significant other and I hosted a white elephant party at our house a couple of weekends ago at the very last minute.  We ran like mad to Target (our go-to emergency store) and stocked up on snacks, drinks, and holiday decorations.  There was no way we'd have time to get a tree and pile on the trimmings in two hours.  Also, our living space is limited so a tree wasn't even an option.

With tinsel, ribbons, and ornaments being the only items at our disposal, all I could think of to decorate was one of the most neglected parts of our home - rails of our stairs.   The process was quick and easy - all we needed were a pair of scissors and scotch tape to hang the ornaments.  Best of all the Christmas decorations were under $30; the set of about 15 ornaments was only $5 and when we dropped them on the floor (this happened a lot), they just bounced and didn't shatter.

You can't see it, but we also tied some ribbons at
the bottom of the rails.  The other rails were a little more elaborate but 
the lighting wasn't good for taking pictures

Of course nothing says Christmas like Poinsettas.  

These were actually dusted with gold coloring and bits of glitter.  I didn't think the plant would last as long but it's still alive and well.  

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