January 21, 2018

Afternoon Tea Table Settings

Unfortunately work, raising a toddler, and having a baby baking in my belly has left me so drained that I find myself crashing on the couch, in pjs by 7:30 p.m. on a work week.  I often feel guilty that I barely have the energy to play with my little girl who I never see during the day, let alone do the simple act of calling up friends to nurture friendships.  This year, I'm hoping to host more gatherings with family and friends (and up my energy back to pre-pregnancy days by walking more of these hilly San Francisco streets.)

After binge-watching The Crown and the film Marie Antoinette, I've been in such an afternoon tea kind of mood testing scone and sandwich recipes at home, that I'm looking forward to hosting a few this year.  These images I've found has gotten me excited to begin the planning process and possibly host one for my baby shower.   

 Laudree table setting

Funny how I grew up in a home filled with blue and white china and 
didn't care for it at all, and now as an adult, I'm obsessed! 

A mouth-watering, gorgeous spread

Lovely vintage tea sets

Etsy is a great source for vintage tea sets 

A dainty Wedgewood china tea set.  I received many hand-me-down Wedgewood plates and cups from my mother, who is a fan, so I am partial to the brand.  

Love, love, love the Polka Dot Tea Story collection.

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