January 8, 2017

I'm so Blue

I seriously can't get over everything in this photo - the peppermint sticks, the crystals, garland, and the fireplace.  Can't miss that bottle of champagne bathing in ice.  Oh and the soft glow of the elegant, slender candle sticks...Don't mind me.  I just put away our Christmas tree and decorations today and all of a sudden the house feels ordinary.  Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and I always feel a little sad as it comes and goes. One thing's for sure, my husband is so relieved he doesn't have to come home from work to find Christmas songs on repeat from Spotify, each and every day of December!  And not have to turn his car radio on, only to discover I changed the station a to 24-hour Christmas music channel the night before when picking up our daughter.

Aside from my love of Christmas, I love these varying shades of blue; from tranquil blue in the bedroom, to iridescence in the living room/sun room, and intense blue for the dining, each shade suits the mood of each room perfectly.

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