September 7, 2015

Stylish maternity wear

It was difficult to find the perfect pair of pants and jeans for my growing belly.  The trouble was I was buying pants/jeans that were several sizes larger to fit my pregnant belly but were too saggy in the bum and hip area - equating to not very attractive or stylish or modern.  I resorted to wearing leggings to work with the occasional work pant.  Here are some brands that worked wonders:

Work pants:

J. Crew Maternity Minnie pant:  One caveat - I don't believe these pants can carry you through each stage of your pregnancy.  After a couple months the band was getting a little uncomfortable under the belly, particularly when you sit for long periods at work.  

Leggings:  For basics such as leggings, I just went to H&M and went with a size large.  A word of warning though, I wouldn't recommend wearing a light top since the waist band can show through.  If I wear leggings to work I'll usually wear a tunic sweater on top.  Nordstrom had some great deals during their Anniversary sale.

Tops and dresses:

This one is easy, you can pretty much go to any brand as long as you stick to blouses or floaty, dresses with some stretch and I avoided anything structured.  I really love this Zara polka dot blouse with a bow.  I'm a bow fanatic, can never get enough.

Lace blouse from Zara

Dressing in warm weather - rompers and denim shorts:

I love rompers.  I wore mine to my babymoon in Oahu on my 23rd week of pregnancy and I've never felt more comfortable yet stylish.  I purchased mine from Forever 21 for less than $30.  For denim shorts, Asos is my go-to.  If they're a little on the long side I just roll them up about an inch and pair them with a long blouse.

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