April 19, 2015

Laduree Green

I remember a few years back when Tiffany blue was all the rage.  I saw the iconic color used in just about every life event from weddings to baby showers.  Now Laduree green has taken its place but works just as seamlessly in homes.  I'm leaning more on the Laduree green being a pistachio color rather than mint, but either way it's such a pretty, serene color that I wouldn't mind coming home to.  The only hint of mint I have at my house are Fire-King plates my mother found at a garage sale and later gave to me.  I still treasure them and love its green opaque, vintage look.   

Love the Viking ranges, particlarly in mint julep; if only I could afford it. 
 And I love the KitchenAid mixer in Pistachio Green.

Plenty of Fire-King plates to be found on Ebay or better yet your grandmother's cupboard

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