February 1, 2015

Clement Street in San Francisco

Schubert's Bakery - it's been around since 1911.  I love love love the Opera and Princess cake.
For special occasions we get the St. Honore cake.  If you've never tried it before, it is the best!
Located on Clement and 6th

Clement Street in the Inner Richmond was the first neighborhood I lived in when I first moved to San Francisco over 7 years ago.  Clement Street is a wonderful mix of everything, literally.  Burmese food, Thai food, Chinese bakeries, Japanese shabu restaurantsMediterranean food, cozy coffeehouses, boba or bubble tea cafes, rowdy pubs,  modern lifestyle boutiques, fabric stores, and so much more.  It's hard to believe all of this is covered in what is probably about a mile-long street; it's what I imagine to be a modern day Silk Road trading post.  

Can't wipe that goofy grin off my face.

I love coming here for Vietnamese food.  There's a cute tiny cafe called Little Vietnam Cafe on Clement and 6th, run by the friendliest owner who we see every time we come and visit.  I usually get the noodles with pork and fried egg rolls and make plans to head over to Genki's for their blueberry and cheesecake crepes but I'm too full by then.  If I'm craving a boba tea, I'll grab a mango smoothie drink to take home with me.  We also love coming to Clement to shop for veggies - there are small grocery stores everywhere you look and they carry the most exotic looking fruit imaginable.   

 Chinese pastries and buns fresh and warm off the oven

 There's a line out the window for these goods.  

Nope, I didn't make the cut-  I'm not tall or curvy enough.

 Trying my best to fit the line-up - fail.  Major fail

 Star of the Sea Church

Homes in the Inner Richmond

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