November 27, 2014

My first Chanel

When I walked into the Chanel store on Maiden Lane for the 3rd time, and saw the quiet frenzy of caviar and lambskin leathers passed between sales associates to anxious hands of customers to coddle, I knew this was it.  There were only so many floor models to go around and I had my eye on the wallet on chain, which in my opinion looked more like small cross-body purses.  It was down to a red or black cross-body, both in caviar, silver hardware.  I would've purchased the black cross-body in caviar with gold hardware without a second thought, but unfortunately it was sold out and there was a 6 month wait list.

I asked to see the classic black flap in caviar with gold hardware and my mouth began salivating the second she brought it out.  As much as I wanted it, it was beyond my price point and it would have to wait until I earned it as a reward for the next career trajectory.  The sales associates were really patient and kind and gave us some Evian water bottles, which my husband opened and accidentally spilled water on the counter.  Luckily none of the purses had water on them and our sales associate only said, "now you have to buy her one."

It was back to the cross-body purses and I was leaning towards the red.  I love red.  It's bold.  The classic black flap will just have to wait.  So that's what I got and I have no regrets.

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