August 5, 2014

Sleek Satin

Bionda Castana Lama Mesh Pumps

With one week off before starting my new job, I've been cleaning out my closet and I can't believe how long I've kept some things with me.  I do end up feeling guilty and I tell myself I may wear it again someday, but if it's shoved in the back of the closet and doesn't get worn at least once a month - it's gotta go!  I have some favorites that I can never part with - a deep, rich brown velvet Max Azria pencil skirt that my mom bought for me during college, and then there are others that make me cringe - clothes from my super twenties clubbing days that as a thirty-something, I would never wear again.

During my time off, I've been doing some serious, I mean serious late night online window shopping, that my husband texted me, "You got a new job, not the winning lottery ticket."  Jokes aside, I've been eyeing some sleek satin that I'd love to add my now roomy closet.  I love how they convey structure yet modern sophistication - clothes that my twenty-something self would probably balk at.

 Alice + Olivia Lollie collar dress

Tory Burch Eden shell in champagne blush

Asos Premium Pencil Skirt in Bonded Satin

Kate Spade Sala heels in baby pink.

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