July 12, 2014

Diptyque Violette

I caved and went to Maiden Lane this morning and headed for the Diptyque boutique for their candles.  I was debating between the more subtle Baies or the heady Violette scented candle- I went with the Violette and decided to get the Baies later.

The sales associate at Diptyque was nice enough to throw in a few samples of L'Eau de Tarocco, L'Eau de Neroli, and Oyedo sprays with my purchase.  He asked me which kind of scents I liked and I said I preferred anything that was lighter and more on the citrus side.

Out of the 3 samples I really love the Oyedo- it has a grapefruit scent and something else that I can't name. This might purposely be a single note fragrance because the scent doesn't change as much as the L'Eau de Neroli.

 L'Eau de Neroli- the minute you spray it, it's like you've just sliced open a fresh, juicy lemon and seconds later gives off a heavenly powdery citrus scent, and the 3rd note ironically leaves a strong floral on the skin.

The L'Eau de Tarocco is more of a spicy citrus.  It's not bad actually, but I'm just personally not  into spicy, woodsy notes.

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