December 3, 2013

Honeymoon in Turkey - Ephesus, Troy, Canakkale

We had a few family and friends that were concerned about our trip to Turkey considering that Syria was located in the south, but during our entire trip not once did I feel unsafe.  I was expecting to see lots of military trucks or personnel on the highways or patrolling the roads, but the only time I saw any signs of the military was when we drove by the NATO headquarters in Ankara or by any major financial / government institution or national monument. 

I'll admit, I had my reservations about traveling to Turkey, but I'm so glad I did.  Now I know why it's a favorite of one of our most well-traveled friends, and I can say it's mine too.  If anything, visiting Turkey only made me want to be more adventurous in our choice of travel destinations.  Hopefully one day we can add Egypt, Morocco, and Jordan to the list.  

Library of Celsus in Ephesus, built in 117 A.D.

Home of where the Virgin Mary supposedly spent her last days, also in Ephesus

Wall near the Virgin Mary's cottage where people can write their hopes and prayers

Theatre near Troy

Replica of the Trojan horse in Troy

Town of Canakkale

At the Canakkale port, waiting to board the ferry to get to Gallipoli

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