February 19, 2017

Elegant table top settings

The past few weekends of this new year has been incredibly busy for me, and I'm so thankful to have family and friends who have shared with us their children's birthday celebrations, baptisms, and so much more.  With celebrations in mind and for those who are planning big celebrations this year, I wanted to share photos of these beautiful table top settings found in my Pinterest feed.

Here's to celebrations with loved ones for the new year!

Golden light at the Palazzo Taverna.  
Photo credits: Lucy Tanner

Photo credits: Lucy Tanner

Vanessa Traina's wedding in San Francisco
Photo from Vogue

February 15, 2017

Bow mania

Dress by Prabal Gurung

I am just loving these Instagram photos from Moda Operandi.  If you didn't already know it by know, I'm obsessed with bows, and they look even more refined and chic when tied behind the neck or on the back.  

Since I live in the City and it requires a lot of walking, over the years I've had an aversion to wearing sky high heels, and gradually began to gravitate towards kitten heels.  Aerin's red suede heels are just the thing for strolling along these concrete sidewalks.  

Kitten heels by Aerin

February 12, 2017

Valentine's Gifts

A few V-day gifts I'd love cupid to drop on my doorstep...But I'm happy to spend this Tuesday night snuggled against my husband with a glass of champagne and watching Sneaky Pete on Netflix.

Ann Taylor Geo Jacquard Sweater - On sale for $35 (of course I find out a couple days after paying full price)

Cuyana Travel Case Set that can be personalized with initials

Chanel nail polish in a fire engine red - Rouge Puissant

Prada - Les Infusions in Amande Eau de Parfum.  I fell in love with this after trying a sample.  Perfect for those who love soft, whispery scents.  

Cartier Love bracelets - I adore this in yellow gold.  

February 9, 2017

Chanel Jacket

When I was finally hired to work at my current job, I knew exactly what my present of accomplishment was going to be - a Chanel caviar classic flap bag.  It's one of my most beloved possessions because it represents perseverance.  I was incredibly unhappy at my previous job, so much so that my attitude towards it extended to my personal life; I was in a seven year rut.  I tried reminding myself that I should be grateful to have a job while people were being laid off left and right but you just can't stop a girl on fire.  Cut to a few years later in the present, I've been itching to get my hands on a classic, tweed, Chanel jacket that would go nicely with that handbag.    The look can be a little too elegant, but when paired with jeans, the look is so chic and modern.  And nothing says I've arrived more than Chanel.  

January 12, 2017

Happy Thursday!

It's a stretch, but hang in there, the weekend is almost here!  Whether you're planning on staying in and staying warm by the fire or going out for some champagne bubbles, here's some inspirational photos on the pending weekend...

Happy Thursday!

Photo from Vogue

Photo by Paul Bellaart

Photo by Corina V. Photography

January 11, 2017

Purple and gray

I'll admit, I love purple and gray so much that it's all over my house - literally.  Our upholstered dining chairs from Scandinavian Designs, Room and Board sofa, and our satin living room curtains are in variations of gray.  And when we decided to get rid of all the dry rot and re-paint the exterior of our home, we went with Sherwin Williams' color of the year, poised taupe, which resulted in a beautiful mauve-gray-muted purple.

Now if only I had the means to work on the master bedroom, I would be lucky if I could make it look as heavenly as these photos.

January 8, 2017

I'm so Blue

I seriously can't get over everything in this photo - the peppermint sticks, the crystals, garland, and the fireplace.  Can't miss that bottle of champagne bathing in ice.  Oh and the soft glow of the elegant, slender candle sticks...Don't mind me.  I just put away our Christmas tree and decorations today and all of a sudden the house feels ordinary.  Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and I always feel a little sad as it comes and goes. One thing's for sure, my husband is so relieved he doesn't have to come home from work to find Christmas songs on repeat from Spotify, each and every day of December!  And not have to turn his car radio on, only to discover I changed the station a to 24-hour Christmas music channel the night before when picking up our daughter.

Aside from my love of Christmas, I love these varying shades of blue; from tranquil blue in the bedroom, to iridescence in the living room/sun room, and intense blue for the dining, each shade suits the mood of each room perfectly.